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HoT Autobomber Elementalist Build In POE 3.20

Mar 15, 2023

This article is a quick guide on the Herald Thunder Autobomber Elementalist in Path of Exile.

About The Build

The Herald Thunder Autobomber Elementalist is a fast-paced high damage build. That relies on chaining Herald of Thunder’s shocking effect to clear packs of enemies in a quick succession and the build utilize a number of unique items and specialized mechanics, such as Herald of Thunder linked with curse hit support gems to maximize the damage output and clear speed. And this is the ultimate walking simulator build in Path of Exile.

POE HoT Autobomber Elementalist build


To list the pros of this build, I will start with its extremely fast clear speed. You can use it to clear maps in under a minute. Also, it has high damage output that can one shot many enemies. And it’s a relative budget friendly to start with. It also got a very simple play style. Basically, you just have to run around.


To list the cons of this build. This build can be used to squishy against bosses. It can struggle with certain map mods, such as no leech or region. It can be very expensive to fully optimize for the endgame content. So, you’d better prepare enough POE Currency if you want to make this build.

Unique Items

For unique items, we’re using Inpulsa’s Broken Heart Sadist Garb and this unique chest is essential for the Herald Thunder Autobomber build as it caused enemy to explode when they are killed while shocked. And this can create a reaction that clears entire packs of enemies at once.

Storm Secret Topaz Ring, one of the unique rings, grant a large amount of increased lightning damage and shock effect, making it an excellent choice for this build.

POE Inpulsa's Broken Heart

The Annihilating Light Quarterstaff makes us deal three times the damage with elemental skills. It’s an enormous boost to our damage.

Graven’s Secrect Cloth Belt for a lot of defensive stats and is also chained power charges to observation charges, which will recoup the percentage of Elemental Damage taking as Energy Shield.

Calamitous Visions Small Cluster Jewel provides Lone Messenger, which boosts our Herald of Thunder damage by a huge amount. We are choosing three Grand Spectrum: two being for minimum power charges and we also have one for forensic charges.

Useful Stats

For useful stats for this build, we are using Energy Shield for more defense. We are using Increased Shock Effect, Increased Damage, Increased Area Of Effect, Increased Movement Speed, Elemental Resistance, Increased Elemental Damage, Lightning Damage and also Power and Endurance Charges.

Main Links

For the skill links, we’re using Herald of Thunder, Empower, Elemental Focus, Hypothermia, Lightning Penetration and also Added Lighting Damage.

POE Herald of Thunder


For this build, we’re not using any auras, but we do have some cost damage taking setups here and one being with Hextouch, Cracking Lance, Conductivity, Elemental Weakness and Enhance.


For utility skills, will have Purity Flame, Storm Brand, Phase Run and also Frostblink.

What do you think about the Herald Thunder Autobumper Elementalist build? Have you tried out before maybe or even tried another version of it?


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