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POE 3.22 November Events 2023 Is Coming Soon! - Everything You Need To Know

Oct 30, 2023

Fellow Exiles, mark your calendars because November 2023 event is just around the corner! In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of these events to help you prepare for the challenges and excitement ahead. Let’s get straight to it.

No Ruthless

The first thing to note is that, for those of us who enjoy Ruthless mode, it’s actually very sad. Because this time all three events will be based on Non-Ruthless leagues. If you want to compete in these events, you’ll want to practice at least some of Non-Ruthless gameplay first.

POE 3.22: The November Events Just Got Announced

Krangled Passives Event

  • Start Date: 2pm November 3rd PDT
  • End Date: 2pm November 10th PST
  • Based On: Ancestor League
  • Platforms: PC and Console

Krangled Passives Event is coming back, but with a twist. Krangled Passives in March 2023 is a mandatory Solo Self-Found or Group Self-Found event focused on running a certain distance in a race. This time, however, it’s all about flexibility and challenge.

You’ll have seven days to develop your Atlas in the base game version, which has reduced character abilities. At this time, your passive skill tree will be reshuffled, including Minor Passive Tree Skills, Notables, and Keystones. Also, all your aura classes will also be spread out, making your Passive Tree more difficult to navigate.

Because Krangled Passives is a Softcore Trade event. So when the event ends, your character will transition to this TOTA Softcore Trade League.

This event is ideal for those looking for an extra challenge to earn POE Currency. It should be noted, however, that players can expect to be penalized five times XP upon death. Finally, don’t forget to adjust your strategy for this changed passive tree.

Path of Exile Events 2023: Things to Know About November Events

Blast From The Past Event

  • Start Date: 2pm November 10th PST
  • End Date: 2pm November 17th PST
  • Based on: Standard
  • Platforms: PC and Console

Blast From The Past Event brings back Sentinel and Kalandra mechanics. Previously underrated, Sentinel now shines with powerful loot drops. Kalandra has also improved since its initial release. Therefore, we can expect Divine Orb drops and the chance to craft amulets more powerful than ever before.

Because this event is a Softcore Trade event, the character upgrade mechanism is based on standard mode. However, you are still penalized five times XP when you die.

The event offers high-quality character powers and the opportunity to craft unique items. This is a must-play for those looking to make long-term progress in Standard and earn generous POE Currency.

POE 3.22: November Events 2023 Is Coming Soon! - Everything You Need To Know

Shifting Stones Event

  • Start Date: 2pm November 17th PST
  • End Date: 2pm November 24th PST
  • Based on: Standard
  • Platforms: PC and Console

Shifting Stones Event is an avoided event with a unique twist. Inspired by Turmoil and Mayhem Events, it brings up existing Atlas Keystones in each zone.

Each area will have one of five combinations of keystones, adding to the area’s unpredictability and loot. Prizes include Ancestor Mystery Box.

As always, you can expect to be penalized five times XP when you die. However, please note that it will delete your character after the event ends. If you like chaotic encounters and don’t mind the voided nature of the event, this Shifting Stones Event will provide you with a thrilling experience.

POE: November Events Announcement, FAQ & Deep Dive On Each


First, you can choose an activity to take part in that suits your play style. If you’re not interested in the event, don’t blindly chase the prizes.

When choosing a build, consider the unique mechanics and character progression within each event. Also, note that there is a five XP penalty for dying in all events.

Finally, please pay attention to announcements for details on when characters can be safely deleted. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Path of Exile official website and community discussions for the latest updates on build ideas and strategies.

Path of Exile November 2023 event will bring excitement and challenges to players of all classes. Choose an event that suits your style, adjust your strategy with unique mechanics, and aim for the prizes that await!


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