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Is This Yaomac’s Accord Unique Sceptre Still Worth Trying In POE 3.24 And Beyond?

Jun 08, 2024

Here we’ll talk about a unique item that wasn’t used often in POE 3.24, Yaomac’s Accord. We’ll take a look at its unique mechanics and how it will interact with other aspects of the game, perhaps giving you some new ideas for creating your builds.

Yaomac’s Accord

Yaomac’s Accord is the first weapon to appear in the series so far. This unique sceptre was added as part of Ultimatum mechanic in Ultimatum league, but it wasn’t until POE 3.19, five leagues later, when Trialmaster’s fight entered the core through Tower of Ordeals Map that it became available again.

Then in Affliction League, Ultimatum mechanic finally entered the core, and Trialmaster and all his exclusive loot were reunited with Ultimatum. With the retirement of Tower of Ordeals Map, Yaomac’s Accord dropped exclusively from Trialmaster’s fight itself. According to crowdsourced data, it has a drop rate of about 10%.

Is This Yaomac’s Accord Unique Sceptre Still Worth Trying In POE 3.24 And Beyond?

Vaal Skill Mechanics Explained

Now, before we discuss the modifiers of this item, we want to note that this POE item has a high synergy with Vaal Skill. So let’s first quickly go over what Vaal Skill consists of. For example, Vaal Arc is Vaal version of Arc spell, accessible through Corrupted Arc Skill, which will grant both the normal Arc spell and its Vaal version without having to consume mana or health.

Using a Vaal Skill requires Souls, and the number of Souls is specific to each different Vaal Skill. By default, we can gain Souls by killing enemies or damaging rare and unique enemies. You can gain one Soul after killing a normal enemy. Then, when damaging a rare or unique enemy, you gain one or six Souls (one for rare enemies, six for unique enemies) for every 2% of health lost.

But this Soul gain has an internal cooldown of 1 second per monster, and Soul will be randomly added to Vaal Skill counter on the character.

For example, if you only have one Vaal Skill, Soul will always recharge that Skill, but if you have two or more Vaal Skills, Soul will randomly select a Vaal Skill to recharge.

Once you have enough Souls, your Vaal Skill will glow red to indicate that it can be used. When you use a Vaal Skill, the character will enter Soul and gain Prevention effect, which prevents the character from gaining Souls for a period.

The duration of Prevention varies for different Vaal Skills, but if the character has multiple Vaal Skills equipped, the duration of Prevention gained by Soul will always be based on Vaal Skill used to trigger Prevention effect of that Soul.

POE 3.24 Yaomac's Accord


Next, let’s look at the modifiers on Yaomac’s Accord.

Increase Critical Strike Chance

Vaal Skills increase your Critical Strike Chance by 80%-120% for the duration of the effect being applied. So this item is all about getting the most out of your Vaal Skills.

Even though using 80% to 120% damage increase isn’t as much as the damage increase you get on a crafted weapon, it’s still a big part of this stat, and it’s also universal, so it can be used with any Vaal skill that deals damage.

Soul Gain Prevention

Next, we also have: 6%-8% reduced Soul Gain Prevention Duration.

To be honest, modifiers about Soul Gain Prevention are extremely rare. Since there’s good reason to think Soul Gain Prevention is a barrier that prevents Vaal Skills from being used more often, a modifier specifically reducing Soul Gain Prevention could be very useful for this.

This is because a Vaal Skill with a modifiable duration also has a Skill Gem. The fact states that modifiers to Skill Effect Duration also apply to Soul Gain Prevention for this Skill. This means that when you combine a reduced Soul Gain Prevention Duration with a reduced Skill Effect Duration, you can significantly reduce the duration of Soul Gain Prevention, or even potentially remove it entirely.

Soul Catcher unique Flask provides a 10% reduction in Soul Gain Prevention Duration for a Vaal Skill. This also scales with Flask effect while it’s active.

Also available is Triumvirate Authority, a unique Unset Ring that greatly boosts Vaal Skill in the socket. This ring rolls three or four random modifiers from a unique pool depending on whether the item was obtained from a normal Atziri or Uber Atziri encounter. These modifiers include 150% more damage from Socketed Vaal Skill, which is great for Lightning damage.

There’s also Hits from Socketed Vaal Skills ignore Enemy Monster Resistances, which is a powerful modifier. In the list of modifiers it can roll, Socketed Vaal Skill reduces Soul Gain Prevention Duration by 30% by combining it with Soul Catcher, with a maximum roll of 8%.

I should caution you, though, that if your Soul Gain Prevention is reduced by 100% or very close to it, you might consider taking Duration Mastery specifically for the 10% increase in Skill Effect Duration. Since this Mastery barely affects your Soul Gain Prevention when it’s at or near zero, it still increases the duration of Vaal skills.

Shepherd Of Souls

Another notable modifier is Shepherd of Souls. Right now it functions basically like a Keystone, and the effects don’t stack. Even if you dual-wield Yaomac’s Accord Sceptre, you can only benefit from this modifier once.

Shepherd of Souls reduces Soul cost of your Non-Aura Vaal Skills by 80%, but increases their Soul cost by 100% for every Vaal skill you’ve used in the last 8 seconds.

So mastering Shepherd of Souls mechanic allows for the type of top-tier build we dream of, allowing you to somewhat abuse your Vaal skill of choice.

Gain Charges

The last modifier for Yaomac’s Accord is the one we skipped over earlier, Gain an Endurance Charges, Frenzy and Power Charges.

This means you gain one of each charge every time you use a Vaal skill. And since the charge duration refreshes as you gain new charges, as long as you use your Vaal skills regularly, this modifier will allow you to maintain maximum Frenzy and Power Charges until you run into a monster that will remove your charges.

Why Is It So Desolate?

Despite this, Yaomac’s Accord is almost completely unused as a unique item. So far, only four characters have used it in all leagues in Necropolis, throughout the duration of the league.

So why isn’t it used more often? It’s all because Yaomac’s Accord only fits a very niche build archetype that is specialized and tailored to Vaal skills used, and requires a lot of very specific gear.

However, this doesn’t mean that Yaomac’s Accord is a bad unique item. As long as you pair it with the right items or mechanics, it can definitely be the key to a strong build!


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