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Path of Exile: You Can Become A Bearer of Chaos Damage With Plague Bearer

As the cornerstone of some of the most popular builds in Path of Exile, Plague Bearer is a powerful spell gem that can boost the character’s DPS and AOE. It is very useful in many different game situations, but it is particularly commendable in its effectiveness at clearing mobs. This is also one of the more complex spells in the game, and a basic understanding of its mechanics is the key to making it work in your build. will make a detailed explanation to let you know.

On the surface level, Plague Bearer is a spell that allows you to toggle between 2 different modes. One mode charges the Spell up, and the other mode that spends the charge. Specifically, the former mode reduces the poison damage to the enemies while retaining some poison damage. When you toggle to the second mode, this spell will spend the damage you have stored up, which deals Chaos Damage over time, and deals this within AOE.

This not only improves your overall DPS, but it is also beneficial to convert damage to Chaos. This is because the enemies in POE tend to be less resistant to Chaos Damage than any other type of damage.

When upgrading a Plague Bearer Gem, the two values that increase are the mana cost of the spell and the maximum damage it can store. The mana cost ranges from 6 with a level 1 Gems to 17 with level 34-40 Gems. The maximum damage of the spell store ranges from 4000 with a level 1 gem to 2,100,000 with a level 40 Gem.

If you need any POE Currency during the game, you can come here to buy it at any time, which will make your progress more smoothly. Although POE is not a pay-to-win game, sufficient POE Currency can always give your advantages.

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